Below are examples of the charitable and community work of the Torrey Smith Foundation the last several years.

After-School Program

The L.E.V.E.L. (Leadership, Education, Vision, Effort, and Love) Up After-School program is an academic and social enrichment program, designed to give students extra support in order to help them reach their full potential. Students participate in daily academic tutoring/enrichment, receive life skills lessons, and focus on character development through hands on activities and instruction. The goal of the program is to help students reach their full potential (Level Up) by providing them access to the tools, support, and resources necessary to reach their goals. The importance of these five principals (Leadership, Education, Vision, Effort, and Love) will be reinforced throughout the program.

Back to School Program

Each summer the non-profit hosts “back to school events” to provide resources to students in low-income elementary schools. Teachers and students receive supplies to start the school year. In addition to the supply give away, students participate in fun activities including a STEM station.

L.E.V.E.L. Teen Mentoring Program

In 2016, the Smiths began their L.E.V.E.L. (Leadership, Education, Vision, Effort, Love) Mentoring Program geared towards high school boys in need of support and guidance with the launch of the L.E.V.E.L. Teen Summit.  Thirty students participated in the overnight weekend Summit which included various workshops and presentations that focused on character building, decision making, leadership, and goal setting. Smith continued to meet with the youth on a monthly basis. The vision of the mentoring program is to introduce boys to positive male mentors, encourage students to pursue higher education and help them create a foundation for a successful future.

The second year was launched during the summer of 2017 with the high school boys from the first year and 10 more high school boys were added to the program. Torrey and Chanel continue to meet with the boys in person and via FaceTime.

L.E.V.E.L. Sports and STEM Camp

The L.E.V.E.L. Sports and STEM Camp is a free, one day, multi-sport and STEM camp for 300 youth ages 6-12. The children participate in several stations including football, basketball, soccer and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activities. The camp provided a fun and safe environment for participants to learn, while promoting the importance of good decision making and healthy choices.

Tevin Jones Scholarship Fund

In honor of Torrey’s late brother, Tevin Jones, the Torrey Smith Family Fund awards four annual college scholarships to high school seniors. Recipients of the scholarship are awarded $5,000, distributed over four years. Click here to learn more.

Holiday Cheer

The Torrey Smith Family Fund helps families enjoy the holiday season by preparing and serving holiday meals and purchasing gifts for families. Some events include Torrey’s Turkey Day and Holiday Toy Drives.

Reading Oasis

In partnership with Scholastic, and with the generosity of other corporations, several reading rooms were created in Baltimore schools. The program enhances literacy by providing over 1200 age-appropriate books to the children in these schools. The rooms provide a vibrant and comfortable place for students to read or borrow a book.